Sezai KAYA, Customs Consultant, Former Customs Inspector

Taxes of imported goods paid to the Turkish customs administration are as follows.

  • Customs Duty
  • Additional Customs Duty
  • Single and Fixed Tax
  • Anti-Dumping Tax
  • Compensating Tax For Subsidy
  • Value Added Tax
  • Special Consumption Tax
  • Additional Financial Liability
  • Corporate Housing Fund
  • Tobacco Fund
  • Additional Fund
  • Resource Utilization Support Fund
  • Environmental Contribution Tax
  • Compensating Tax (Export)
  • TRT Bandrol Fee

Customs offices do not collect all of the taxes listed above on all goods. Taxes can be vary according to the HS Codes and origin of the imported goods. Preferential regimes such as the customs union and free trade agreements also affect the taxes.