Sezai KAYA, Customs Consultant, Former Customs Inspector
25 February 2021

Nowadays, your customers in Turkey may be requesting a certificate of origin or a suppliers’ declaration for the goods purchased in the previous years.

You may be wondering what has changed and such requirements has occured. A regulation has been put into effect that provides retrospective customs duty & trade policy exemption with the subsequent submission of certificate of origin or a suppliers’ declaration. It is temporary article 16 of Customs Regulation.

The third paragraph of Temporary Article 16 is as follows.

“It is possible to submit an appropriate certificate of origin or suppliers’ declaration to the customs administration until 30 June 2021 for the customs declarations registered before 13 February 2021 in order to get exemption from customs duties and trade policies.”

As you can see, there is an amnesty. Conditions of this amnesty are as follows.

1) Customs declaration must be registered before 13 February 2021

2) Certificate of origin or suppliers’ declaration should not be submitted for these declarations.

3) Although these documents was not submitted, taxes must have been unpaid.

4) Certificate of origin or suppliers’ declaration must be submitted until 30 June 2021

Those who doesn’t meet these conditions and cannot benefit from this amnesty may be subject to pay taxes and 3 times penalties of the taxes. Therefore, it is important to hand in these documents.

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